Tó'beehwiisgani * Since 1955
Titus J Nez, 2022

Chapter Community Services Coordinator


Titus J Nez is the chapter community services coordinator of Pinedale Chapter. He joined the chapter after working with the City of Albuquerque and Churchrock Chapter. He is originally from Rainbow Canyon, Pinedale, New Mexico but grew up and lives in Springstead, NM. His clans are Two Who Came to Water Clan (To Baazhni'azhi) and born for Under his Cover Clan (Bit'ahnii), his maternal grandpa are Zuni Clan with red running into water clan (Naast'ezhi Tachiinii), his paternal grandpa are Yucca Fruit strung out-in-a-line Clan (Hash K'aa Haadzoo'i).

Titus holds a associate degree from San Juan College of Farmington, NM. He is a 2007 graduate of Wingate High School, home of the Bears. Titus is currently pursing a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from San Juan College. 


Under Navajo Nation Code 26, Local Governance Act, the community services coordinator shall co-sign all chapter checks, shall be the custodian of all official books, records, documents, and funds of the chapter. According to the approved Amended Plan of Operation for the Administrative Service Centers, the Community Service Coordinator shall:

1. Supervise the Accounts Maintenance Specialist, Public Employment Program participants, as well as any other chapter employees and temporary staff and volunteers.

2. Implement the chapter's policies, supervise other employees, and volunteers, and mange their responsibilities in keeping with the NNPPM.

3. Assist the Chapter in achieving LGA certification, in compliance with all applicable Navajo Nation laws and policies.

4. Assist the Chapter in planning, preparing for, implementing, and administering Chapter projects including but not limited to land withdrawals, proposals, and resolutions.

5. Coordinate with the Chapter Secretary/Treasurer so that all financial expenditures are lawfully approved by the Chapter in accordance with Navajo Nation laws, policies, and procedures.

6. Prepare financial reports and provide them to the Secretary/Treasurer for presentation at every Chapter meeting.

7. Assist Chapters with securing additional sources of revenue and income, including from funding agencies.

8. Carry out responsibilities as assigned by the Direct Local Supervisor in accordance with applicable Navajo Nation laws, policies, procedures including but not limited to the FMS and the BIM and/or BPM.