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06.09.22 10:36 PM Comment(s) By Ty

"We had to postpone the summit, this time around we are ready" Titus Nez

PINEDALE, NM - The Pinedale Chapter will be be hosting it's first ever Summit regarding land within the community. The Chapter Administration has been working hand in hand with other entities to provide valuable information that the community members may utilize while pursing actions related to land such as homesite lease, residential lease and the land statuses of the community. This summit is geared towards the community members of Pinedale, in hopes many questions can get answered regarding land within the community. Pinedale is made up of different land status, hence getting the name "checker board lands". 

Presenters will include representatives from the Navajo Nation Department of Justice, Land Department, Division of Community Development, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. "The two day summit has many valuable presentations that will benefit the community members" says Titus Nez, Chapter Community Services Coordinator.

This is a series of Summits and workshops that will take place in the next couple of years. "We have been doing our job, but not to the extent that the people are well informed of their environment and assets" says Nez. For more information you can check out the Pinedale Chapter website at ##


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