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Land Board holds homesite lease presentation session

12.05.22 08:39 PM Comment(s) By Ty

Mr. Murphy met with constituents regarding homesite lease process

PINEDALE, NM - On May 12, 2022 Mr. Wilbur Murphy, Land Board Member for Pinedale and Iyanbito met with community members regarding homesite lease process. The Navajo Nation Land Department and Bureau of Indian Affairs office send representatives to make presentations on how to obtain a homesite or residential lease. Most of Pinedale community is a checkerboard area, which requires community members to know what land status they live on. 

Community members have been asking questions on what the process is to get a homesite lease. This first in-person training took place at Pinedale Chapter with a max capacity of 25 attendees including the presenters and facilitator. Community members had mix comments regarding the training session, some members had other questions related to land issues, however they were told to reach out to the office directly. The Pinedale Chapter administration will be hosting a similar event in the coming weeks both in-person and online. ##


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